“I will always think of Bennington as the place where I discovered science, where I found questions I never knew I had.” –Amy, Postbac Alumna
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You can register to be an organ, eye and tissue donor at organdonor.gov or Donate Life America.

Transplantation is one of the most remarkable success stories in the history of medicine, but despite continuing advances in medicine and technology, the need for organs and tissue is vastly greater than the number available for transplantation.

Some stats from organdonor.gov:

  • 121,998 people are waiting for an organ
  • 18 people will die each day waiting for an organ
  • 1 organ donor can save up to 8 lives


Asker darthveghder Asks:
Are Pre-Dental students accepted/provided resources, or only Pre-Med?Thanks!
benningtonpostbac benningtonpostbac Said:

Hi- yes, pre-dental students are accepted to Bennington’s Postbac Premed Program. However, because required prerequisites for individual dental schools may vary, we encourage applicants to look at schools at http://www.ada.org/3219.aspx to see what prereqs you need and whether our program will be a good fit for you. 

Let us know if you have other questions.

It’s Red Cross Blood Drive day at Bennington!

10:30-3:30 in VAPA Greenwall Auditorium- such a nice spot to do such a good deed.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Is an interview a part of the application process to the Bennington postbac program?
benningtonpostbac benningtonpostbac Said:

Thanks for the question. Bennington offers interviews by invitation. Competitive candidates will be contacted after their applications have been reviewed, usually within a couple of weeks of completion. Let us know if you have more questions about the process or the program.

Happy Pi Day and Happy 135th, Albert!


Celebrating March 14, π Day!

Explore Pi Day creations from around the globe and share your own with the #piday, #pipie and #π hashtags.

This Friday, math and pastry enthusiasts around the world celebrate Pi Day, the day when the date (3/14) matches the first three digits of the mathematical constant π (3.14).

Even those with a passing interest in mathematics use today as an excuse to test their baking skills, indulge in the baking prowess of others and snap some photos and videos along the way.

Bennington College Field Work Term 2014

For seven weeks each winter, our postbac students leave campus to pursue hands-on activities in the healthcare field.

From Delaware to California to Haiti, the postbac class of 2014 brings their newfound classroom knowledge into real-world settings, immersing themselves in new areas of science and medicine, adding to previous experience and building their résumé for the medical school application.

From research to medical mission work, our students value this time to acquire concentrated hands-on experience in the middle of a rigorous year of study. Here is a sampler of how some of our students have spent the seven-week winter Field Work Term.

Click on the photo to read about each student’s experience on our Facebook page.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I'm curious, what is usual waiting time from submission of application to decision for an interview?
benningtonpostbac benningtonpostbac Said:

Hi- thanks for writing. The initial review process usually takes about two weeks, though it can be a bit longer, especially during the busiest times of the application cycle. If you have submitted an application and have particular questions feel free to contact the postbac admissions counselor here.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Here is it March, most of you are nearing the end of your post-bacc pre-med year. How was it? How prepared for the MCAT do you feel? How are you feeling about your med school application? What happens next?
benningtonpostbac benningtonpostbac Said:

The year has been great so far - but it’s not quite over; we still have 3 months left! In terms of the MCAT, the good news is, we have essentially completed all of the chemistry and biology material that will be tested; but, we’re currently in second semester physics and so there are some topics there that we haven’t covered yet. Obviously, a major aspect of the MCAT is mastering the test - so, we’re all doing our best to incorporate special study time into our everyday schedules. Overall, I’m excited about beginning the application process! Aside from Field Work Term, my application hasn’t changed significantly since I began the postbac year, so I’m ready to get started once AMCAS opens. That being said, there’s a lot to accomplish in the coming months - submitting the application in June, taking the MCAT, applying to glide year positions, and completing secondaries (to name a few)!

I hope that is helpful - let me know if you have any other questions!

-Mary, postbac ‘14

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I'm wondering who would be best to write my recommendations? Any thoughts from current post bacs? I have degree's in philosophy and nursing and am thinking my advisors from each of these, but would a science professor or a doctor who I've worked with be preferable? Thanks!
benningtonpostbac benningtonpostbac Said:

Thanks so much for your question! I think when you’re deciding what letters of recommendation to submit you should consider asking someone who can speak to your academic history and then someone who can speak to your other skills/previous employment/desire to become a doctor. In your specific case, I don’t think a letter from a science professor or doctor is preferable to a letter from one of your advisors. Ultimately, you just want to choose someone who knows you well and can provide concrete examples as to why you’ll succeed at Bennington and in medicine. I hope that is helpful! 

-Mary, postbac ‘14

Asker Anonymous Asks:
What happens if an applicant doesn't take calculus in college?
benningtonpostbac benningtonpostbac Said:

Not all postbacs at Bennington have had Calculus prior to attending. While many medical schools require some Math for acceptance, many also accept AP coursework to fulfill that requirement. Increasingly, Statistics rather than Calculus is looked for. Some postbacs take Calculus during the spring term while some elect to take it during the glide year. Students can also enroll in a Stats course during the postbac year. Having said that, college-level math ability is important to your work in the sciences and there are several ways to brush up on math concepts before the postbac year begins. Khan Academy lectures are a favorite of our students and alumni. Coursera is another good resource.

Let us know if you have other questions.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
When is the Bennington Postbac application due for the 2014-2015 academic year and when will the program start?
benningtonpostbac benningtonpostbac Said:

Hi, thanks for the question. The application deadline for the postbac premed program is April 1. Here is a link to the postbac pages of our website. The program begins on June 11 this year.

Bennington’s Weekly Science Workshop

It’s the first Science Workshop of the spring term today at 1:00! Students will share their Field Work Term experiences with each other, faculty and staff.

Dickinson Room 148. Refreshments will, of course, be served.

Icicles decorate the Barn at Bennington and snow is falling!

Campus is about to acquire more wintry beauty with the forecast today of possibly an additional foot of snow.


Snowy campus!